Tumblr Monday 51

Penelope Stewart (Canada) - apian Screen

Great thanks to yama-bato again for this Tumblr Monday to introduce us Canadian artist Penelope Stewart. As artist says in the statement: “For as long as I can remember I have been intrigued by the interplay between the invisible and the visible in the spaces and objects we create, inhabit and surround ourselves with. My practise is therefore transdisciplinary in scope. I love architecture, installation (in situ), sculpture, photography, drawing and print. Equally, I love materials as each contains its own poetry and it is through the coupling of ideas, concepts, materials and the modality that I can coax a layered space, a space where blurs, overlaps, and leaks occur. I love proportion, scale, and pattern and see these as intrinsic to both method and material. I love paradox, metaphor, fragments and simultaneous meanings that collide, reveal and reconcile. I am always hoping to find balance between excess, withholding, editing and clarity.”

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Penelope Stewart - Apian Screen II. 6000 beeswax 4” tiles, 20ft high x 14 x 20 x14ft (2010)

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